Monday, December 03, 2007

Not quite a real post, but:

Good lord, I promised myself I'd never watch these videos because it'd just break my heart, but what on earth was wrong with me that I missed the last Deadly Snakes shows in Toronto last year?

"Gore Veil" at the "last" show (Horseshoe Tavern)

3 songs from the actual last show the next night at the Silver Dollar. Occasional camera pans of audience reveal the presence of beloved friend and one-time community radio conconsirator Bobby Lotz. Hey Bob.

This is probably my greatest musical regret. Not missing Fugazi on their last tour-- I loved that band and saw them on tours for In On The Kill-Taker and Red Medicine, but I've never really regretted missing them that last time. I saw the Deadly Snakes a few times too, but largely when they were still the greatest garage punk band in the world, rather than when they became one of the greatest bands in the world, writing absolutely fresh songs about the ubiquitously immortal themes of fear of death and frenzied joy in life. I must have been out of my mind to miss those shows.